Based in Georgetown, Ontario with over 35 years of cross-industry experience, ännTTM is a global leader in asset protection. ännTTM is committed to providing valued customers with turnkey solutions that meet all asset protection needs. Offering a full range of perimeter protection products as well as professional installation, ännTTM is your premier single-source solution.


Bollards may be fairly uniform in appearance, but capability is where ännTTM bollards from Ontario Bollards stand out. ännTTM bollards are certified – not engineered. This means that each individual bollard is tested to ensure it is ready for any challenge the real world presents. Engineered bollards, on the other hand, are manufactured to set specifications which have been previously tested. This means that an individual engineered bollard may or may not meet real-world standards, which is a risk ännTTM is not willing to take. If it’s from ännTTM, it’s certified.


ännTTM bollards boasts the shallowest foundations in the industry at 24 mm depth, providing superior perimeter security with an industry-leading footprint–making ännTTM bollards some of the most versatile perimeter security solutions on the market. Fixed K4 and K12 bollards from ännTTM are also certified with a single bollard as opposed to the grouping of bollards required by other manufacturers to accomplish the same goal. This not only saves you space and money, but also affords you added peace of mind knowing that your ännTTM bollard solution is doing what others cannot. Less really is more with ännTTM.


Capability does not have to come at the expense of appearances, and ännTTM bollards are living proof. A consistent design language across our product catalogue ensures a uniform aesthetic that can adapt to meet the needs of your site. Whether you need ännTTM bollards to blend in or stand out, we’ve got the perfect solution for you.




A row of bollards can easily define and restrict vehicle access to pedestrian area. These bollards can be fixed bollards which will permanently prohibit access, or removable / retractable bollards which will allow the opening and closing of these area to vehicles as required.



To allow occasional or infrequent vehicle access, use removable or semi-automatic bollards. When more frequent access is required, use fully automatic bollards.



It is important to assess the scope of risks and vulnerabilities. In situations where it is determined that this risk is moderate, or within confined areas where vehicles cannot achieve high speed, K4 certified bollards will provide the level of protection needed to prevent accidental or intentional damage.



K12 certified bollards are recommended when the highest level of protection is required. The K12 certified bollards will stop a 6,800 kg (15,000 lb) vehicle travelling at 80 km/h (50 mph). The K12 series is also available in fixed, removable, semiautomatic and automatic.


Our exceptional range of ännTTM bollards is a clear advantage, and the team at Ontario Bollards’ years of expertise is what truly distinguishes us from our competitors. To learn more about our selection of ännTTM bollards, or to request a quote from our team of experts, contact us today.