The all-new ännTTM website

Proudly serving a cross-industry client base for over 35 years, Georgetown, Ontario-based ännTTM has established itself as a global leader in perimeter protection. ännTTM designs and manufactures a range of high-quality bollards for a number of different purposes, and their industry-leading shallow embedment depths make ännTTM bollards some of the most versatile solutions on the market. Continued advances in bollard technology, business expansion, and changes in perimeter protection demands have all resulted in the broadening of ännTTM’s product catalogue–as well as the need for a redesigned website to better support ännTTM’s global customer base. 

ännTTM’s all-new website was designed to educate both existing and prospective customers on the growing range of products while ensuring that all clients are supported with the correct perimeter protection solution. Here, ännTTM President, Danny Zanchi explains why the ännTTM website was redesigned:

“The annT website was built to open our front doors and connect the world to modern day perimeter protection. Our passion, knowledge and selection makes us a leader in the ever evolving industry.” 

Easy-to-navigate, informative, and visually impressive, the new website makes finding the correct solution as straightforward as possible. Here are just a few of the ways that the new ännTTM website makes the search for premier protection products easier than ever.

Expert education

The annt website has simplified the choosing and selecting of bollards into four primary

Bollards from ännTTM have four primary purposes: to restrict, to control, to protect, and to secure. Though these distinctions may be simple, many customers may require a combination of bollards to accomplish a number of tasks. Fortunately, the new ännTTM website categorizes the four levels of protection according to function with each bollard in the catalogue receiving an accompanying product description. Downloadable specification sheets are also easily accessible for more in-depth information about the unique advantages of each ännTTM bollard. 

Intuitive navigation

A primary goal when redesigning the new ännTTM website was for customers to be able to access valuable information without ever leaving the home page. In addition to welcoming visitors to the site, the landing page immediately familiarizes customers with ännTTM product offerings without inundating visitors with information. From the moment visitors land on the new ännTTM homepage, they may begin learning about the various types of bollards and the different purposes they serve. Customers can then narrow down their search, as all products are neatly sorted according to bollard type and are easily browsable. 

Clear comparisons

Designed with uniformity in mind, many ännTTM bollards may look visually similar despite serving vastly different purposes. The all-new ännTTM website makes clear distinctions between bollard types to ensure that customers are being educated on the correct bollard according to each specific need. From impact ratings to deployment mechanisms, the defining characteristics of each bollard product are clearly displayed–allowing for smooth selection of the right asset protection product.

Impactful visuals 

ännTTM understands that seeing is believing, and many of the website’s accompanying high-quality visuals demonstrate the functionality and effectiveness of the bollard products. Deployment mechanisms of automatic bollards are shown in action, as is the incredible stopping power of an ännTTM K-rated bollard. Information can sometimes be overwhelming, and a high-resolution photo documenting an ännTTM bollard withstanding a collision from a commercial truck–while the truck was not so lucky— it is worth 1,000 words. 

This new website will support ännTTM as it begins its next 35-year chapter, and will undoubtedly make finding a bollard solution easier for customers. While the website was designed to make life easier for both prospective and existing customers, ännTTM’s team of experts remains on standby ready to assist with any questions which may arise. 

For more information on ännTTM perimeter security solutions, visit the new website at anntbollards.com and complete our online contact form