With the threat of an impending attack ever imminent, implementing a high impact-strength perimeter security solution is more crucial than ever. ännTTM‘s Anti-Terrorism Bollards offer a range of K4-K12 (M30 – M50) certified crash rated bollards designed to guard against all vehicular threats-with K4-rated bollards guarding against a 15,000 lb vehicle at 30 mph, K8 at 40 mph, and K12 at 50 mph. Offered in Fixed, Removable and Automatic variants, our K-rated bollards offer unparalleled protection against hostile vehicle intrusion-providing high-level security of your site. Crash-rated bollards have countless commercial, industrial and government applications. Sites like power plants, fuel depots, chemical plants, federal and state government and military installations all stand to benefit from having these products installed. Private residences and estates also benefit from these silent guardians. Download our K-rated bollard catalogue and contact one of our service professionals for a consultation and assessment in order to tailor a perimeter security solution to your specific needs.