ännTTM provides the optimal security solution for nearly every function, branch, and level of government. From fixed bollards to guard walkways for municipal governments, to K4-K12-rated anti-terrorism bollards designed to guard buildings for provincial governments, ännTTM bollards are built to do it all. Knowing that security needs can change at a moment’s notice, ännTTM semi-automatic and automatic bollards offer limitless versatility and unmatched ease of use.

Commercial and Industrial

These bollards have a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. Entertainment venues, hospitals, parking lots, public transit sites, and countless others benefit from the restriction and security that ännTTM bollards provide. In high-traffic areas, K4-K12 rated bollards provide unparalleled protection to both pedestrians and property—ensuring a site is safe from accidents as well as intentional attacks.

Private Sector

ännTTM bollards are designed according to four primary functions: to restrict, to control, to protect, and to secure. ännTTM has provided countless solutions to private sector clients based on all four of these functions—from implementing secure, removable bollards to guard tractors and other heavy machinery against theft, to installing fixed bollards to protect walkways in residential areas. No matter the conditions, ännTTM bollards are more than capable.


Be it protecting provincial government buildings against high-speed vehicular attacks, or guarding the inventory of small business owners, ännTTM bollards are a necessary addition to any site.