ännTTM is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the 2023 International Security Conference & Exposition, otherwise known as ISC West, held March 28- 31, 2023 at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas. ISC West is an annual event that brings together the security industry’s leading manufacturers, distributors, integrators, and end-users. It is the largest security industry event in the United States, featuring the latest products, services, and technologies from over 1,000 exhibitors. Click here to check out highlights from 2022 ISC West

Reinforcing the ANNT brand

ISC West is an incredible opportunity for ännTTM. From our booth we will highlight the capabilities of our team and the impressive array of ännTTM perimeter protective products, all of which are testament to the depth of knowledge and skills of the ännTTM team. This will reinforce our branding to key security and public safety professionals and specifiers, many of whom are likely to find ännTTM offerings attractive to their own organizations and those with whom they do business.

The ANNT product line

The extensive ännTTM product line comprises the product categories outlined below.

Manual bollards: A simple-but-effective perimeter security solution created using high-grade 316 stainless steel.

Manual bollards

Removable bollards: Ideal for locations that require occasional vehicular access. They control the entry to restricted laneways and quickly convert for passage access.

Semi-automatic bollards:  Designed to control access to a site. They provide the added convenience of not having to manually lift the bollard.

Automatic bollards: A dynamic and versatile perimeter security solution shouldn’t come at the expense of high performance. ännTTM automatic bollards provide the best of both.

Automatic bollards

Anti-terrorism bollards: With the threat of an impending attack ever-imminent, implementing a high impact-strength perimeter security solution for your site is more crucial than ever.

Road blocker/barrier arm: Designed to prevent unauthorized access of vehicles to sensitive areas that require anti-terrorism protection at the highest level.

Red and white road blockers

City gate: Moves parallel to the planter extending beyond the planter itself, blocking the vehicular traffic. Available with one or two slide barriers and in different sizes.

City gate

Expanding the ANNT network

ISC West will also afford ännTTM a chance to expand our network amongst security and public safety professionals and specifiers. As with other business sectors, people in our industry come and go, changing companies and positions; participating in events such as ISC West helps ännTTM stay abreast of transitions, allowing us to open new doors that lead into rooms where we know key people. 

Taking advantage of educational opportunities

ISC West also presents an opportunity to learn from the dynamic SIA Education@ISC program on offer. Learning what is happening in related fields such as Access Control, Alarms & Monitoring, and Video Surveillance and about emerging trends in Drones & Robotics, Cybersecurity & Connected IoT, Smart Home broadens our horizons within the security and public safety sector.  This stirs the imagination and promotes creativity, so vital to success in business.

Educational opportunities abound at ISC West

Offering the combination of products, educational programming, and networking opportunities all in one place truly makes ISC West the premier destination to showcase innovation and discover what is new and next in our industry. We look forward to sharing with you in future blogs insights we gain at ISC West. Please stay tuned!


We at ANNT take great pride in being good communicators. We’d be honored to hear from you about your perimeter protection requirements. Please click here to get a dialog underway.